What's this about earning cash?

  • It's Simple! For EVERY person you subscribe to the FREE Ponder Crypto Newsletter, you get paid money! 🤩

Shouldn't I earn crypto since this is a crypto newsletter?

  • I should've expected this question. Yes, it is in the works and will be available in the future. Until then, affiliate rewards will be paid in cash. Dirty digital cash. 🤮

Ok, so how does it work?

  • Once your request to become an affiliate is approved, we will create a custom home page for you where you can direct your friends and followers to subscribe. You will also have access to a personal dashboard where you can see your total subscriber count and download assets to help you onboard new subscribers.
  • Each person that uses your home page to subscribe will be tagged with your name so we can track that you were the one who onboarded them. More importantly, this allows us to track what rewards to payout to each affiliate at the end of each month!
  • The more subscribers you help onboard, the more money you make! 🤑 (see Affiliate Payout Rewards chart below)

Sweet! So I give you some emails and you give me some money?

  • Not so fast bub. They have to be real people who are legitimately interested in crypto. We can tell when dormant or fake emails are used so if that is your plan to earn some quick cash, let me save you the trouble. 😖

So, what's in it for Ponder Crypto?

  • Building up our newsletter subscribers and growing our reach!
  • We have a marketing budget dedicated to advertising on Twitter, Facebook ect. with the goal to onboard more subscribers. We figured that our subscribers probably know people who are also interested in crypto like they are so why not repurpose a portion of the marketing budget and reward affiliates who help us onboard people directly! 🤗

Affiliate Payout Rewards

Subscribers Acquired

Payout PER Onboarded Subscriber

Achievement Unlocked *

1 - 15



16 - 50



51 - 125



126 - 250



251 - 500



501 - 1,000+ **


Honey Badger

* Achievements are unlocked when you reach the max acquired subscribers for each level. For example, once you've onboarded 15 subscribers, you will earn the Grasshopper achievement. After 50, you earn the Robin achievement and so on.

** Honey Badger achievement is unlocked upon reaching 1,000 onboarded subscribers. All subsequent onboarded subscribers will continue to earn the affiliate $2.00 per subscriber.

That's not all Bob!

Affiliates will also receive a personalized reward* after reaching each achievement level in addition to earning a higher payout per subscriber! 🤯

* QR codes used in each achievement reward will send people to your personal Ponder Crypto Home page helping you onboard more subscribers!







Ready to Join?

  1. First, review the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Next, fill out the Affiliate Account Setup form below to be considered for the program. 
  3. After we review your submission, we will reach out to you with next steps!

* This affiliate code will be used in your custom Ponder Crypto home page URL where you'll send people to subscribe.

For example: If you put "Crypto Dude" as your affiliate code, your custom URL would be... "https://extended.pondercrypto.com/cryptodude"

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